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University of Connecticut Torrington

Current Students & Parents

Academic Advising - Information about General Education requirements and finding advising information within PeopleSoft.

Computer Lab - The computer lab is home to 20 personal computers providing access to MS office, Internet, Webmail, MiniTab and more.

UConn Co-op (Bookstore) - Servicing UConn-Torrington classes with textbooks, course materials, supplies, UConn apparel and reference materials.

Four Year Degree Programs - Information on the four year degree programs undergraduates can complete at UConn-Torrington.

Library - The library contains approximately 17,000 titles and provides electronic access to over 240 online databases and over 60,000 full text journals.

Math Resource Center - Assistance is available to all students who need extra help in mathematics and statistics courses. Students having problems with any materials from basic algebra to calculus.

Writing Center - The Torrington Campus Writing Center provides a friendly environment in which students may develop their essays with the assistance of professional and peer tutors.

Schedule of Classes (All UConn Campuses) - Access the schedule of classes for the current and subsequent semesters.

Current and Incoming Student Scholarships - The Campus offers a number of scholarships for both current undergraduates as well as incoming Freshman.

Student Services - various student service offices at UConn-Torrington.