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University of Connecticut Torrington

Advising Questions?

Ask Christine - If you have a quick advising question, you can contact Christine. She will answer your question within 24 hours (not including weekends). You may also call her at 860.626.6831 or visit her in the Student Affair Office - Room 118.

General Education Requirements

University General Education Requirements (All Schools and Colleges)

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Requirements (see Gen Ed Audit Sheets on the bottom)

University General Education Audit Sheet for all Schools and Colleges

[PLEASE NOTE: Always cross-reference the General Education requirements with what your specific school and college states you should take.]

Requirements by Major
Links to the academic requirements for most majors at the University can be found on the school or college website.

Bachelor of General Studies Theme requirements can be found here.

Transferring Credits
UConn Transfer Admissions - Course Equivalences

Advising and Registration

Steps to a Successful Experience for Current UConn Torrington Students

1. Find out who your advisor is

To lookup your advisor's name, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your PeopleSoft Login ID and Password
  3. Navigate to the View Advisors by clicking Self Service in the menu
  4. Then click the Student Center link
  5. From the Academics section, click the My Academics link
  6. From the My Academics page, click the View My Advisors link.

You can check the "Notify" box next to your advisors name and send an email by clicking Notify Selected Advisors.

Note: Incoming student advisor assignments and changes will be made approximately 4 weeks into the semester.

2. Look up your Enrollment Appointment/Date

To find your enrollment appointment/date (the date and time you are permitted to register for classes), follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your PeopleSoft Login ID and Password
  3. After logging in, navigate to View Enrollment Appointments by clicking:
  4. Self Service in the Menu, then Student Center.
  5. Your Student Center displays where you can click the Open Enrollment Dates link.
  6. Select the term for which you wish to view the enrollment period, and click Continue.

The start and end dates display for the current term, along with your credit limits for the term. If you don't see an enrollment appointment for your next semester, it may not be available yet.

You should meet with your advisor BEFORE your Enrollment Appointment/Date to be prepared to enroll on that date. This is particularly important if you will be registering at a campus where classes fill quickly like Greater Hartford or Storrs.

3. Make an appointment with your advisor

Use AdvApp to make an appointment Online with the advisors below. In drop-down menu provided, choose "Hartford, Waterbury, Torrington."

Melissa Durstin
Kathy Knapp
Christine Mosman
Christine Reardon
Nan Taylor
Richard Testa
Regina Wayne

The following Advisors don't use AdvApp. You must contact them via email or phone.

Pam Bramble
Dana Forchette
Frances Moulder
Davyne Verstandig

Their phone numbers are available at

4. Prepare for your advising appointment

Print and bring with you a copy of your unofficial transcript (available in Student Admin.) Compile and bring with you a list of potential classes based on the following criteria:

  • You have the prerequisite for each class
  • You have the minimum number of credits required to take each class
  • The majority of the classes fulfill some Gen Ed or Major Requirements
  • The classes do not conflict with one another
  • The credits add up to 12-17 (if you plan to be a full time student)

Compile and bring with you a list of questions that may have occurred to you throughout the semester.  Advisors are here to answer your questions. They are not aware of what you already know and what you don't know yet so please ask questions to make sure you understand your requirements. Ultimately, you are responsible for knowing what your requirements are and completing them in a timely manner. Your advisor is simply a guide and a resource.